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Soya oil is the most widely used source of edible oil in many countries and has many health benefits.  Its plant based origin makes it a highly sustainable and accessible source of vegetable oil. At Irwing Soya, we are the leading manufacturers and suppliers of soyabean oil in South Africa.  As a result of our highly effective extraction process, our yield has the finest nutritional profile with a long shelf life that is well suited for a wide range of food manufacturing purposes. We understand the numerous benefits of soya oil and we ensure that we maximise these nutritional properties to ensure that we deliver only the highest quality to the South African market.

The best soya oil in the country

At Irwing Soya, we utilize cold pressing as our preferred means of soyabean oil extraction.  Unlike other conventional soya oil manufacturers and suppliers, our cold pressing process is done without the use or addition of chemical solvents in order to ensure that our yield is not only of high quality but that it also brings the best and unaltered nutritional content. The product is then further filtered in different batches of separation steps in order to produce an end result of pure and undiluted vegetable oil suitable for direct use. Our soyabean oil is as stable as they come and has been used across a wide range of industries and food production companies to produces edible food products. Regardless of the purpose, soya oil is always the perfect choice of edible oil and why choose good when you can go for the best? Irwing Soya offers the best and more!

Natural and high-quality soya oil

Soya oil is commercially used in many food production processes. However, finding a 100% natural and chemical free soyabean oil stock could be difficult. We understand this and that is exactly why we ensure that we manufacture and supply the best product all over the country. We never compromise on quality and this is where we have built our reputation. From utilizing the most efficient and unadulterated non-solvent extraction process, you can rest assured that we are committed to delivering the highest quality product that meets your needs and surpasses the industry safety and health regulations.

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