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It is important to ensure that your animal fodder is not just well balanced but is also packed full of nutritional value to help with the overall growth of livestock. Soya oil cake is one of the essential plant-based protein sources for fodders. It is a vital, raw material necessary for the production of combined fodders and as a result of the production process provide a significant amount of protein and energy. Irwing Soya is the number one soya oil cake suppliers in South Africa and our oil cake is processed from natural means that is safe and contains a great protein base for animals. As a result of its good nutritional value, soya oil cake has been reported to enhance overall digestibility of other substances present in combined fodder while ensuring an overall development of livestock.

Irwing Soya provides the best soil oil cake for your fodder

Our soya oil cake is made as a by-product of the soya oil extraction process. During the production of soya oil, the oil is extracted from the nutritive beans leaving behind, finely processed leaves that are high in proteins and minerals. Irwing Soya brings you the finest soya oil cake in the market. Soya oil is high in energy and contains a great nutrition profile while being relatively cheap compared to other expensive fodders. Being well-known soya oil cake suppliers, we ensure that each batch of soya oil cake is of great quality and does not contain impurities – in order to guarantee its usability for fodder. Not only is it a very digestible source of protein, soya oil cake comes from plant origins which makes it an exceptionally sustainable source of feed and an even better addition to fodder. At Irwing Soya we never compromise on the quality of our products and we continue to bring affordable soya-based foods to our customers.

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We are one of the best soya oil cake suppliers in the country and you can always rely on us to give you the best at amazing rates. As one of the leading soya oil cake suppliers, we pay a great deal of attention to our feedback and customer satisfaction. Placing an order with us is easy; you can call us or contact us directly via email to request for quotes. Our 100% soya oil cake stock is unique and comes at the best rate you can find. We are a versatile soy product processing company and we provide both wholesale and retail supplies that cater to all scales of purchases. To get more information about our products and services, contact us today.

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