Leading Soya Mince Manufacturers and Suppliers

When it comes to the supply and manufacture of nutriment soya mince in all of South Africa, Irwing Soya provides the finest quality of soya mince that caters to the South African market. Perhaps, the strongest edge it has over other manufacturers is its 100% organic production processes that ensure that it keeps its flavour and texture while providing the highest quality sustanance of non-meat based protein. Specifically produced for the food manufacturing industry and well suited to cater to the fast-food industry, the quality of Soya Mince that we produce at Irwing Soya is unarguably the most nutritious and high protein meat replacement food source.

Nutrient-dense soya mince in South Africa

At Irwing Soya, we take great pride in the delicate and highly efficient manufacturing process of our soya mince. This is because we always ensure that the end product not only surpasses the expectations of the markets, but provides the high quality, and refined texture that all of our products are known for. The soya mince we produce is made from cold-pressed soya product that keeps all of the essential nutrients and allows room for further rehydration and crumbling. In all of South Africa, we are the leading producers of soya mince and our unflavoured vegetable product is the perfect testament to that fact. From the hygienic packaging to the efficiency with which we deliver, you can rest assured that Irwing Soya is exactly what you want.

The finest quality of soya mince in the country

With all of the strict health regulations and need for profit, it is common for manufacturers to alter their products in order to meet certain targets. However, at Irwing Soya, we never compromise on quality. Every step from manufacture to packaging and delivery is handled with extreme precision to ensure that we only supply the finest quality of soya mince to the market. Our soya mince is the perfect choice to cater to a growing health-conscious and vegan food industry in South Africa by providing a well-balanced meat replacing protein source in diets all over the country.

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    Manufacturing Process

    Irwing Soya Mince is a cold-pressed product, removing much of the essential oil that leaves soya mince too moist to be used in the food manufacturing environment. The beans are then crushed, rehydrated, dried again, and crumbled in order to resemble mince. Because of our manufacturing process, Irwing Soya Mince is a Textured Vegetable Protein (TVP) that is both organic and healthy. Our product is packaged in hygienic product bags, inspected and in accordance with South African health and safety regulations.

    Soya Mince Storage

    Irwing soya mince is to be stored in a cool, dry and dark facility until the time of use. In this environment, our high-quality soya mince product has a shelf-life of 12 months. Do not store product near water or other liquids. Additionally, to ensure the quality of our product, ensure that it is stored apart from other pungent foodstuffs.

    Suitable for all businesses

    With a growing health-food/vegan industry in South Africa, many businesses need to source Textured Vegetable Protein (TVP), or soya mince, as a primary ingredient in their food production. Irwing’s Soya Mince is of the highest quality and is sold unflavoured, flavoured, and in a multitude of different colours to blue chip food manufacturers. Our products are also suitable for South African feeding schemes initiated on a governmental or private distribution channel.

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