F190 Defatted Soya Flour

Defatted soy flour is used as a  thickening agent in sauces, gravies and soups. In baked goods like cookies and biscuits, by adding moisture and preventing the product from becoming stale. Defatted soya flour can also be used as an egg substitute in baked products. It is used in combination with meat as a filler for sausages. Fermentation media and nutrient carrier for flavours and vitamins. For soy milk, soy yoghurt, milk replacements and protein beverages. Coatings, hydrolysed veg.

Our defatted soya flour meets the requirements, specifications and standards laid down by the Agricultural Products Standards Act, Trade Metrology Act, Foodstuffs, Disinfectant and Cosmetics Act of South Africa. Our world-class manufacturing facility employs GMP (good manufacturing practices) to ensure we meet all legal and regulatory requirements.

Effective Date: September 2020 Document NR:SPEC-HAC-IR-10.0.9 Revision Nr : 0.0
Compiled by : Quality Manager Process Owner : CEO Irwing615 cc Approved
Parameter (/ 100g) Specification Micro Parameters
Typical Analysis Protein 46-50% Melamine ND
Moisture 8% Salmonella Negative
*Ash 4-6% E.Coli Negative
Fat 3-4% Yeast Count <100 CFu/g
Urease <0.3% Aflatoxins <1 qg/kg
Particle Size 95 – 100% (250μm sieve) Mould Count <1000 CFu/g
Proteine Dispensability Index (PDI Typically 17 Coliforms count Negative
Low Solubility 18-30 (Enzyme Inactive) Listeria Monocytogenes Negative
Applications Defatted soy flour is tipacally used in the following: Thickening agent in soups and gravies, Cookie and Cracker production, Egg substitute in baked products, Mear sausages, Media and nutrient carrier for flafours and vitamins, soy milk, soy yogurt, Milk replacers, protein beverages, Coatings, hydrolised veg.
Health Benefits * Soy flour is rich in Protein and low in fat
* Maintains the balance of essential amino acids in the body essential for muscle building
* Soya Proteines reduce the risk for heart desease
* Soy proteins helps in lowering blood cholesterol
* Soy proteines increases the flexibility of our blood vesels
* Soy Proteins is a nutrient carrier vlafours and vitamins
* Soy is an exellent source of IRON,CALCIUM, VITAMINS and other minerals * Helps reduce LDL cholesterol.
Product Description Defatted soya flour is soy beans that underwent heat treatment and is enzyme inactive,selected soy beans are de-hulled and cleaned, and defatted, then milled to a non-dusty extra fine flour. De activated soy flour has a destinct pleasant nutty flavour and odour without any beany or bitter aftertaste.
Legal Status Our Defatted soy flour meet the requirements, specifications and standards laid down by the Agricultural Products Standards ACT,Trade and Metrology act and foodstuffs, disinfectantand cosmetics act of South Africa. Our world class manufacturing facillity employ GMP (good manufacturing practices) to ensure that all legal and regulatory requirements are met.
Composition Defatted Soya flour is a all natural product, produced from cleaned, de-hulled soya. It is rich in proteine with almost no fat. The product contains natural emulsifying and stabilizing properties, and has higher energy values compared to other protein sources.The amino-acids are highly digestable compared to other protein sources of plant origin.
Labelling and Packaging * Our Soya beans are sourced locally, no imported beans are used in our products
* Our Soya flour is packaged in a lined woven pollypropelene bags (stiched), with label indicating date of manufacture, expiry date, batch number, and weight
* GMO Status – Contains GMO organisms
Storage and Shelf Life * Storage Conditions – On a lined pallet, away from walls and off the floor in a cool dry well ventilated place.
* Storage temperature – Product stored at anbient temperatures. Away from direct sunlight.
* Shelf life – 4+ months when stored as suggested.
Intended use and possible miss use * Manufacturers can use the product as per recommendation and application
* Product may be sensitive to individuals with soya allergies or intollerances.
* Miss use. If product is not used according to recommendations/specifications, and not following storage instructions
Food Fraud Adulteration – Dilution, substitution, concealment and/or unappropriate enhancement.
- Dilution
- Counterfeiting
- Concealment
- Smuggling
- Grey market (theft)
- Misslabelling
Religious Status Kosher and Halaal certified product
Safety When working with Soya flour all PPE should be worn, including eye nose and mouth protection to prevent inhalation and accedentil contact with the eyes. Product sould not be consumed raw, as diarrhoea could result. No skin irratation was observed.
Warranty Our Soya flour is fit for human consumption and is produced under strict regulatory requirements and supervision.
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