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Bringing the highest quality of original and chemical-free foodstuff, Irwing Soya specialises in the supply and manufacture of the finest soya flour in all of South Africa. From prices, product quality and supply efficiency, we are definitely your number one choice as we put customer satisfaction as our number one priority. We are leading soya flour manufacturers in all of South Africa and our premium services is a result of attention to detail and an emphasis on a balanced and chemical-free nutrition. Each of our food product output is produced by 100% natural and non-additive route that makes it the perfect and healthy choice for plant-based protein.

Soya flour supply in Johannesburg

Irwing Soya’s soya flour provides a solution to the need that exists for a healthy and plant-based protein source. Our flour is organic and is manufactured through rigorous and meticulous procedures in order to ensure that the end product has the highest quality. We specialise in producing and supplying factories, bakeries and the fast food industry with top notch soya flour while ensuring that it meets the customer specifications and South Africa’s food safety standards. At Irwing Soya, we bring much needed versatility by providing a vast range of soya flour for different uses. From full fat soya flour, to defatted toasted and untoasted soya flour, you can count on us to always give you the best.

Affordable and high quality soya flour in Johannesburg

Our products are used across all industries and retail chains to produce foodstuffs, additives and enhancers while providing high protein and low gluten every time. Having supplied the South African food industry, we understand exactly what it takes to be the leading suppliers of Soya Flour and we ensure that our products are always perfect. We assure you that we can beat both the price and quality of your current soya supplier while delivering high efficiency. Get in touch with us to place your order.

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    Soya Grit

    Irwing is a producer of soya grit, a courser soya product required in many food production cycles, especially for fast food chains looking for cost-effective and under-processed textured protein additive. With defatted or full-fat variants, our soya grit offers only the subtlest savoury flavour and required colour additives per client specifications

    Soya Flour for all Industries

    Irwing’s soya flour is used in many industries besides that of the health food market. Manufacturers of fast-moving, retail foodstuffs such as crisps or sausages, need a supply of soya flour as a food additive and flavour enhancer. That’s where we step in. Irwing can beat your current soya flour supplier’s prices and product quality.


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