What Animals Can Eat Soya Bean Meal?

Soya bean meal, a protein-rich ingredient, is a versatile feed option for various livestock and poultry. Understanding which animals can benefit from this nutritious meal is crucial for optimising their diet and overall health.


Poultry: Chickens, turkeys, and ducks thrive on soya bean meal. It provides essential amino acids for feather and egg production, making it a staple in poultry diets.


Pigs: Soya bean meal is an excellent source of protein and energy for swine. It promotes muscle development, making it ideal for growing pigs and sows during lactation.


Cattle: Beef and dairy cattle can benefit from soya bean meal as a supplemental protein source. It aids in maintaining body condition and milk production in dairy cows.


Fish: Aquaculture species like tilapia and catfish can be fed soya bean meal-based feeds. It enhances fish growth and reduces the need for fishmeal.


Goats and Sheep: These ruminants can digest soya bean meal effectively, providing them with essential protein and nutrients.


Horses: Soya bean meal can be a valuable addition to horse diets, especially for young, growing horses and pregnant mares.


Incorporating soya bean meal into your animals’ diets can improve their overall well-being. For high-quality soya bean meal options and expert guidance on optimising your animals’ nutrition, contact Irwing Soya today. Ensure your livestock and poultry receive the best nutrition for optimal growth and performance.

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