Is Soya Mince high in Protein

Is Soya Mince High In Protein?

Soya in its dehydrated form, it may be hard to imagine that this product adds as much nutrition to a person’s diet as it actually does! Not only is it a great source of protein and substitute for meat, but it also high in amino acids – which is needed for growth. At Irwing Soya, our products are lower in total fat and saturated fat, which ultimately makes it lower in calories. In addition to being an excellent source of protein, what our products also offers a source of Vitamin B and iron. Soya mince has a long shelf life in its dehydrated form and is quick and easy to make, providing an almost instant source of protein and addition to a meal. You may also wonder what is soya mince like? Soya mince is a delicious in taste and when seasoned just right results in a tasty, highly nutritious food product that is enjoyed by millions of different people, all from different backgrounds and with different dietary requirements, on a regular basis. For vegans and vegetarians, the benefits of soya are endless, and it provides the much needed and necessary protein to their diet.

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