Does Soya Mince taste like Meat?

Soya mince is often flavoured to mimic the taste of chicken, beef and other meat flavours in order to act as a meat replacement. Soya meat products are fashioned with real meat products in mind and their increased popularity shows the need for this product on the market. What soya mince is often used for is as an alternative to meat in vegetarian and vegan dishes as it carries a similar texture, weight, and protein content and can be made to taste like meat. Soya mince can often be found in a dehydrated form that expands to look and feel like meat once the liquid is added. For vegans and vegetarians, the benefits of soya are endless, and it provides the much needed and necessary protein to their diet. incorporated into soya meat so that meat dishes can be made with the substitute and still be delicious and nutritious. Its long-life span in the form of soya meat means that it keeps well and is a fast source of protein. Soya provides all the necessary vitamins and minerals that need to be incorporated into a well-balanced diet, and soy products are often lower in saturated fat than normal meat and flour. It offers great textures and tastes very similar to the products it is substituting, making it tasty to eat and great to cook and bake with. With the increasing popularity of soya products, this meat-alternative is being made available in many different forms and made more readily available every day.

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